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Virtual classroom software for distance learning programs

Real-time interaction between students and teachers with professor led classes

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Jigsaw Meeting is a Better Solution



We offer more UNIQUE features:

  • Customizable split screen panels & views
  • Upload and play videos instantly during class
  • Record videos during class and playback instantly
  • Get immediate results on quizzes, polls and surveys
  • Automated reports track everything
  • Room Checker feature ensures students are paying attention


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Our System Engages Students & Ignites Learning

  • Easy login to join virtual classroom
  • Interactive tools for class participation
  • Customizable screen views of videos and class data
  • Student can interact independently with class videos & materials
  • Student can download class materials and content

When students are able to interact with the virtual classroom tools in ways that best fit their learning preferences, students become more exploratory and more engaged in learning class materials. In a sense, the Jigsaw Meeting platform gives the students a feeling of ownership of their learning experience. This empowerment of the students ignites learning.

Jigsaw Meeting is a turnkey, hosted, fully web-based, virtual classroom solution. We have built our platform and suite of tools in a way that minimizes the need for lengthy downloads to join a classroom in session. Your e-Learning portal is hosted on our secure, managed servers, so you won’t need any additional IT staff to implement our solution. Your virtual classroom portal can be white-labeled and branded to promote your organization to your staff and students.

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